Whiteyboard Creates Workspace on Any Wall

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Get Ready For Spring

Ready for the end of winter yet?  Whether you’ve had a ton of snow or not enough rain, here are a few things you should consider before jumping head first into spring.

Trim dry brush if you’re in a dry climate like California where fire danger is a real threat during dry, windy months.  Also consider planting drought resistant greenery as spring planting approaches.  Make sure broken irrigation lines are repaired before you start watering.  This will save on your water bill and costly repairs from broken pipes that can cause water damage.

Icy streets and walkways?  Give some thought to the type of snow melt you use and how it might affect plants and pets.  Patch cracks in sidewalks and driveways.  This can help keep away weeds, prevent injuries and beautify your home.  Powerwash everything that’s dull and dirty and get a head start on spring cleaning.

Clean your gutters to ensure that leaves and debris don’t prevent gutters from drawing water away from your home’s foundation.  Too much water can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. Make sure your home is water tight so leaks don’t turn into mold and rot.

Paint your front door a fresh new accent color and roll out a new doormat and you’ll have a new look for your home that’s easy, inexpensive and fun!

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Happy New Year!

Ready for Cold Weather?

With old man winter standing at your door, are you ready? When the fall leaves start falling, that’s you signal to get ready, but it’s never too late to prepare for what’s headed your way. Think safety, preservation, and spend a little now to save big later!

Be sure to replace any worn or missing weatherstripping around windows and doors and apply caulking around seams to keep the moisture and cold outside. This will save big on high energy bills and keep you warm and toasty. Be sure to repair any rotted wooden window frames when possible as this can prevent costly structural repairs down the line. Plug up leaks in exposed ducts in the attic, basement, and crawl spaces with a good sealant to plug up any leaks.

Inspect your fireplace and flue to ensure they’re clean and don’t pose a fire hazard. Be sure to replace the air filter in your furnace for maximum efficiency and better indoor air quality. Make sure your humidifier is clean and ready to go with a new evaporator pad. Replace batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and test to ensure they are working properly. Insulate outlets and switch plates on exterior walls and replace older thermostats with a programmable unit to save on heating and cooling costs.

Trim trees and bushes that could knock against your home or power lines in a storm and cause damage or could cause a fire to spread. Be sure to winterize your lawn with aeration and fertilizer as well as protect delicate plants from winter freeze. Potted plants can be brought inside during extreme weather. Protect your water lines from freezing by shutting off and flushing your exterior irrigation lines. Be sure to cover furniture and other delicate items to protect from the elements. Store all gardening tools indoors and spray with lightweight oil to prevent rust. Prepare your wooden decks for winter so spring preparation may only be a good washing. Make sure all walkways are clear and handrails are secure for safety on your property. Falling in the rain or snow hurts even more! Get that snow blower, shovel and ice melt ready! When you need it most you won’t be able to get out and get it!

Be sure to check your roof for missing or damaged shingles and replace to prevent leaks. Seal exposed joints with roofing cement and a caulking gun. Be sure to check for areas around your home where water and snow can build up and cause foundation problems. Secure any loose or missing gutters, storm drains and downspouts and clean away any debris so water drains away from the foundation. Cover all vents and openings to keep out nesting creatures looking for warmth but be sure to keep adequate ventilation where necessary.

The list goes on and on. To get started, take a look at all the great winterizing products available at BigPaintStore.com to help you get it all done!

Summary of Posts: December 9th 2012

This week we’ve talked about painting the outside of your home. We’ve looked at some of the many things you can do to help speed up the lengthy process of such a job, and how to save leftover materials for touchups. We’ve also learned what things to look for when choosing a paint brush for your project.


  • Joseph Truini tells us about the differences in paintbrushes, from the size to the bristle type, and what works best for different paints and projects.
  • Learn some techniques that can help you to paint the exterior of your house like a pro, as well as how to complete the project faster, from Cody Sorensen.
  • Better Homes and Gardens gives us 25 tips to brush up on before starting our next painting project.
  • The Family Handyman teaches us some techniques and gives tips on how to paint the outside of a home, that can help even the most experienced painter.
  • Tom Klenck gives us some tips on how to preserve materials from a project for later use, and how to save a paintbrush that didn’t get cleaned properly after use.
  • For more helpful information and tips on exterior painting read: “Painting the Outside of a Home.”

Painting the Outside of a Home

There are a few things you should know before you try to tackle the job of painting the exterior of a home. The first step is to prep the house. Preparing the house properly will help to ensure a long paint life and will make the paint job more appealing to the eye. To prep the house you will first need to power wash all the exterior walls. This removes dirt and debris from the surface. After the walls have dried, use a scraper and wire brush to remove any loose paint. Next, mask off any areas that you do not want to be painted such as windows, wires, antennas, electrical outlets etc. You may also want to put drop cloths on the ground to prevent any paint from getting on the lawn, shrubs, or basement windows.

Now that you’ve prepared the house for painting, you should make sure you’re using the proper equipment for the job. Even if you are planning to use a sprayer, you may still want to use brushes for some areas. Brushes should be sized appropriately for the area in which you intend to paint. For instance if you are planning on painting a 5-inch trim, you should use a brush that is slightly smaller. This is to help eliminate having paint go past the area intended and will help prevent dripping.

Once you’ve prepped the house and checked your tools, you’re ready to start painting. Always make sure to use primer on any areas with exposed wood. After you’ve primed the house and allowed those areas to dry, you are ready to start painting.

Tips to Help You Save Materials and Time

When painting around windows, instead of taking your time and trying not to get any paint on them, it saves tons of time if you allow yourself to make a bit of a mess, then go over the window with a razor to remove any paint once dry. You may also find at one point or another that you got busy and forgot to clean your brushes before the paint dried on them. If this happens you can still salvage the brush by cleaning it with paint remover. Get more tips from Tom Klenck by clicking here.